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What to Wear





There are definitely some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to dressing for your photo session! I hope to have put some useful information here to make planning your outfits a little easier!


DO wear what makes you, and your family feel comfortable and like yourselves! Often times, when someone feels uncomfortable, it will show in their photos. If you are feeling good and confident in your clothes, you will look good and confident in your images!



DON’T be afraid to incorporate patterns. Often, I’ll recommend 1 or 2 members wearing a pattern, and the other family members wearing coordinating solid colors.


DO coordinate colors within your group, DO NOT match them! Choose a solid color, and a coordinating color to add into your “color pallet”. An example would be red with grey, black, and cream for the Holidays. Or a plum with navy blue, or yellow!



DO consider where your session will be! If we are shooting in a green field in the spring, stay away from wearing green colors. You will blend into the scenery instead of standing out! If we are shooting at the beach, which tends to be a lot of neutral colored sand and blue waters, add a pop of color, such as coral, or yellows!


DO add fun accessories! Bright, beautiful, fashionable jewelry pieces photograph very well! Solid, or textured scarfs look great too! And remember to consider what shoes, and what colored socks you will be wearing as those will be photographed as well.



DON’T chose a color pallet of clothing that will clash with your home decor. You will be hanging these prints on your walls, and will want the prints to coordinate well with your overall home color scheme.

DO stay away from large logos, or characters on clothing. These can be very distracting, and will take away from your images.


Need some more inspiration for your session? Check out the gallery below for more ideas!



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