How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session



First off, prepare to have some fun! This should be an easy going, low key session where the three of us get to hang out, and work together for the very first time! We will have no time constraint so we can chat it up, and get to know one another! We won’t have to worry about getting any wedding dresses dirty, timelines, or the hustle and bustle of all the wedding activity! In the meantime, we will be capturing some amazing images of you two love birds; and you will get to see how I work, how I interact with you both during the shoot, and what exactly to expect from me on the big day! My goal is to make you feel comfortable so that when your big day arrives, there is no nervousness around around having your photos taken. Think of it like a practice run for the big game πŸ™‚

Where should we take our engagement photos?

That is up to the two of you! I recommend a location, or a couple of locations that mean something to you and your relationship. Maybe where you went on your first date, where the two of you met, or where you like to spend your free time! Don’t worry, if nothing comes to mind, I have lots of suggestions within the Bay Area!

When Should We Schedule our Engagement Session?

As soon as I’m booked as your photographer if you like! If you are planning to send out Save the Dates from our session, we should plan to do the schedule no later than 1 month before you plan to mail them out. Otherwise, the timing is up to you and what your schedule looks like.

Hair & Make-up Trials

Having a hair and make-up trial done? A great idea is to have those done on the day of your engagement session so that your hair and make-up is looking amazing! You’ll also see how you like your make-up in the photographs!

What Should We Wear

This is an important aspect, as the clothing you choose affects the overall feel, and look to your photos. Most couples bring 2 changes of clothing. A business casual option, along with a dressier choice. About half way through the session is a good time to switch into your second outfit. Here are a couple key aspects when choosing your clothing:

  • Be yourselves! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Do you wear cowboy boots regularly? If so, then wear them for your session! Is pink your signature color? Then rock pink during the shoot! If you feel good and comfortable in your clothes, then it will show in the photos πŸ™‚
  • Coordinate, but don’t match each other. This means to choose clothing colors that pair well together such as navy blue with cream, or yellow. Maybe tan with orange, or blue hues. Another aspect of choosing clothing is to have one of you, possibly the groom to be, to wear a plaid shirt, while you play it up with a top, or dress in a solid color from his plaid tones.
  • Consider our location! If we are at the beach on an overcast day, the overall tones of the beach will be somewhat neutral brown sand, and dull blue/grey waters. Consider a vivid pop of color in your clothing. If we are shooting in a bright green field, stay away from green as you will fade into the background rather than pop!
  • Make sure to pay attention to your shoes and socks! At times these items will show up in the images. You want to make sure your shoes match your clothing ,and that you are wearing dark colored socks πŸ˜‰
  • Dress it up! For the ladies, bright, bold, fashionable jewelry really ties an entire outfit all together! Textured scarfs photograph well also, so don’t be afraid to wear them!
  • Avoid logos on shirts or other articles of clothing, you’ll want to look back and remember your love, not who made your shirt πŸ˜‰

What Happens After Our Engagement Session?

  • Within 1-2 days after our session I will post a sneak peek on my site, and social gallery sites for you to view and share if you like!
  • Within 1-2 weeks after our session, you will receive an email with a link to your password protected online gallery. You can share your gallery on social media sites, or email it to family and friends! You can also download and save images from your gallery while you wait for the disk to be produced and mailed.
  • About 3-4 days after you receive your gallery, your disk will arrive via USPS, or hand delivered by myself!
  • When culling your images, I go through and carefully hand select the best of the best to edit, and present in your final gallery. Each image is edited to correct color, overall skin tones, exposure, clarity and sharpness. I also edit out any distracting aspects from the final portraits, such as stray hairs, bruises, blemishes, or scratches. In addition, I run a skin smoothing program on all of the portraits to make sure everyone looks their very best!
  • The final, edited images on your disk are sized and sharpened to print, therefore you may choose any lab to produce your prints. I’m also very happy to provide high quality, archival prints from a professional lab for you. Turn around time on prints orders are 1-2 weeks after your payment has been made. Check out pricing for prints here, and a more, detailed list of information on making prints from your diskΒ here.



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