Making Prints From Your Digital Files

Making Prints from your Disk


  • Your digital images are sized to a crop ratio of 4X6 inches. (Note that you can enlarge these files to 30X40 inches if you want, you’re not limited to 4X6) Also note, that if you choose to print an 8X10, you will see some cropping. Make sure to control the cropping of this image so that you do not loose valuable aspects of the image. Many online labs offer the option to set the crop yourself.
  • When making prints, always choose the option to NOT color correct image. The entire process of editing your images, is to provide images that have the correct white balance, skin tones and overall color. Often times, non-professional labs will automatically “color correct” your images, the results I’ve seen are not good!
  • Make sure to upload the entire file when making prints from an online lab. If you choose the option to upload at a faster speed, or a lower resolution, you are throwing away data from each file. This “data” is what sets your images apart from ones you could take with your cell phone. That data is the information that produces sharp, clear, color correct images that retain all the detail from the image.
  • Not all commercial grade labs are created equal! I suggest to not use Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS or Shutterfly for your prints. Even your home printer will not produce prints you would be proud to hang on your walls! I feel that Costco and the local Shutterbug labs found in Petaluma and Santa Rosa produce OK prints. Online, I would recommend going through
  • Ideally, a professional lab will render the best, high quality, archival prints that will not fade over time. I’m more than happy to provide prints for you! To do so, please email me a list of the image number with the corresponding size and quantity of prints you would like. Please allow a 2 week turn-around time to receive your print order once payment has been made. Your order will be shipped directly to your home. Product pricing can be found here.


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