How to Prepare for Newborn Photo Shoot

I can’t wait to capture your little one’s first portraits!
There’s a lot that goes into to getting those sleepy, posed, iconic newborn images everyone loves. But, I’m going to make it as easy as possible on you and your sweet baby! Here are a few tips and ways to prepare to make our session easy, fun, and successful!

  • Make sure to contact me as soon as baby arrives. The best time to capture a newborn is between days 7-10 of life. My schedule fills up quickly and I want to make sure we can find a session date within this timeframe!
  •  Sessions are done in my home studio, and baby will be naked for most of the session. To make sure baby stays comfortable, I keep my house very warm, so be prepared by wearing layers so you stay comfortable!
  • To obtain that deep sleep for those curled-up, posed images, baby will need to be feed and changed frequently. I can provide a quite, private space for feedings. It is often best to feed baby when you arrive while I finish setting up so her belly is nice and full! Another tip is to try to keep baby awake 1-2 hours prior to our session.
  • Older siblings, even pets are welcomed for the session! I often like to start with the sibling shots first, so that if big brother or sister get board, or it’s nap time, they are free to leave. Sometimes, a grandparent’s help for this is great!
  • I have a large variety of props, however, you are welcome to bring whatever items you may want to incorporate. I love collaborating with moms and dads prior to the session if you have a specific theme in mind! I’ve done everything from sports teams, to “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air”, hunting, and incorporating great grandma’s jewelry into sessions.
  • Don’t feel bad if any props, blankets, floors, or I get soiled during the shoot!  Nothing I’m not used to, and usually makes for a good laugh 😉
  • Please make yourself at home and relax during the session. Being a mom to 2, and 1 on the way, I feel very comfortable handling your little bundle and giving you a moment to yourself while I snap away!
  • Don’t stress if baby is having a hard time falling or staying asleep. I have a lot of ways to get beautiful portraits of your baby, even if they are awake.
  • Newborn Sessions generally run 3 hours as it often takes this amount of time to get baby to sleep and get all those beautiful shots! I keep snacks and plenty of beverages on hand for everyone. I have WiFi and cable to pass the time also!

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