Exciting Updates on Photo Delivery, and now………You get to choose YOUR Photos!

Hey guys!

I wanted to give you all an update to how I will be delivering your digital files going forward. I’ll admit, I’ve been stuck in the stone age delivering your images on a CD (I’m embarrassed just typing that!!) I knew I needed to find a better way, but there’s a lot to consider when making a big change like this! I’ve probably spent way too many hours obsessing over this decision, and also searching to find the best platform of delivery. It needed to be user friendly for both my clients, and myself!


So, I settled on Pixiset.com. I love that I can upload all of your images to a gallery, and you can download the original files directly to your computer or phone! You also have access to my pro lab, WHCC to print everything from their catalog!

Here is the part I always struggle with…..changes in my pricing. Honestly, I hate raising my prices, I really do. I fear upsetting all of my loyal clients I’ve had for years. I fear scaring off new clients that my prices are too high! But the reality of it is, it is very expensive to operate, and run a legal business. All of the costs involved, and the taxes….don’t get me started on taxes! LOL!  Also, I invest SO MANY hours into producing the images you receive. At the end of the day, I need to make some profit to be able to continue to provide beautiful images to you all! I also need to make the long hours and weekends I take away from my family for sessions, and countless hours at my computer editing to be worth it!


So, here’s the skinny on my new format of digital delivery and pricing! Please see pricing below:

Q: Did your session fees increase?

A: Session fees have increased slightly. I held off as long as I could on raising prices. I did not raise my prices in 2017, but unfortunately, I had to do so this year in 2018.

Q: It seems like we received a different amount of digital negatives in the past, is this true?

A:Yes, in the past I gave an arbitrary amount of digital negatives for each session. An All Inclusive Session, or Newborn Session contractually stated 50-60 final images. Now, clients will receive a set number of digital negatives to download from your session. All Inclusive Sessions will include my time and talent, along with up to 40 digital negatives to download from Pixiset.com, Mini session fees will include my time and talent along with up to 10 digital negatives to download.

Q: What happens to all of the other digital files, didn’t I receive more in the past?

A. All of the beautiful images I capture will still be available to you! I never want to hold your photos hostage! I will now display all of the images I love in your gallery with a watermark applied. You will receive a coupon code for up to 40 digital negative downloads if you purchased an All Inclusive Session, or a coupon code to download up to 10 digital negatives if you purchased a mini session.

Q: What if I love more than 40, or more than 10 images, can I purchase those?

A: Yes! Say you are in love with 45 images, you will have the option to purchase the 5 files in excess of 40 directly through Pixiset! Once you fill in billing and shipping info, and complete your order you will receive an email with all of your digital files ready to download directly to your computer or phone! Don’t worry, the watermark will NOT be on the files you download.

Q: I love all of the photos in my gallery, do you offer any type of discount for purchasing the entire gallery?

A: Yes! See pricing below, there is a deep discount if you choose to purchase all of the images in excess of your 40 digital negatives included with an All Inclusive Session, or 10 digital negatives included in a Mini Session! On top of the deep discount provided, you also receive a complementary 11X14 Metal, or Wood Print!

Q: Stacey, I don’t love all my photos displayed in my gallery. Will you refund me money if  say, I only download 25 digital negatives out of the 40 included in my session?

A: In the rare occurrence that you do not love at least 40 images, lets chat! Sounds like we need to do a re-shoot if I dropped the ball on my end! I want you to love all of your images! But to answer your question, no, there are no refunds if you choose to not download your maximum 40 digital negatives for an All Inclusive Session, or 10 for a mini session.

Q: I’m a loyal customer over the years, any way to ease us into this new pricing structure?

A: For the next year, I will be easing my loyal customers into the new pricing structure, as I love you all like family and want to keep you! You will be receiving the option to purchase additional digital negatives at 50% off, and will still receive $50 off of All Inclusive session fees, and $25 off of all mini sessions 🙂

Q: I’m that type of person who has a tough time making a decision, how long do I have to choose my digital negatives to download?

A: Don’t worry, I’m the same way taking forever to make up my mind! Your gallery will be up for 2 weeks. If for some reason your gallery expires before you make up your mind, it can re-posted for another week for a fee of $25.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Absolutely! I’m happy to set you up with a payment plan to fit your needs!


As always, let me know what questions you may have! I look forward working with you all and capturing some beautiful moments and milestones in your lives!

XO, Stacey








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